ICM -Introduction and Drawing -Week 1

How Computation Applies To My Interests?

What I really care most about is how we can merge computation technology into more “place and events” in our life. Academically speaking, I want to take part in the carnival of ubiquitous computing. I want to experiment with new user interface combining much more than touch screen.

Source: Harvard Innovation Lab
It’s hard not to be excited by the computation technology living at this age. We witness how computer after effect live people’s imagination into real life, we experience how iPhone change almost everything in our life and not to mention how Facebook reform our society structure and the way people connect to each other. They are tons of chances that attract us to become not only a technology consumer, but a creator. For myself, it an advertising campaign called GUMPLAY in Japan.
GUMPLAY is mean to help kids forming the habit to brush teeth. The advertising agency gamify the dull routine action of brushing teeth into a battle toward germs in the mouth with a little gadget made up of sensors attached on the toothbrush. This project demonstrate the capability of computation technology to endues virtual meaning toward real life and provokes my initial interest toward this field.
But computation means a lots more than that. Computation combined with internet provides possibilities of automation, virtualization and decentralization. On these basis, we build countless parallel spaces and even teach robots being a human. I hope I won’t miss this journey of future history and I hope I can hands on and get dirty to realize those envision. That’s me interest toward computation and the reason why I’m here at ITP.


Source Code:


Setting up the development environment.
Why program?  What is program?
High-level programming language / Low-level
Client-side / Server-side
Java / Processing
C++ / OpenFramework
Javascript / P5.js

PCom -What is interaction? -0905

After this class’ discussion and exercise, and reading Chris Crawford’s definition and Bret Victor’s rant, how would you define physical interaction? What makes for good physical interaction? Are there works from others that you would say are good examples of digital technology that are not interactive?

What’s interaction?
Interaction is ways that people “have a conversation or collaboration” with other people and artifacts which is based on the culture and the relationship. The interaction between human can be very vague and complicated which combines facial expression, language, body movement, eyesight…etc. and even doing nothing but create a atmosphere can be a kind of interaction. According to Chris Crawford, the process can be broken down into listen, consider and responds and there is no way to miss any part of this process. However, these conditions are not enough to make a judgement on if an action an interaction. Interaction is such blur and abstract that there are many action could mistakenly deemed as interaction. First is participation. Dancing with a music is a participation, because people would not have a feedback to the music itself. In contrast, dancing with wearable gadgets that makes music is interaction. The second one is reaction. An action without a thought is a reaction. Escape from a car bumping is a reaction, but if your walk forward to fight with the car driver, this part of action is interaction.

What’s interaction design
Interaction design focus on the interaction between human and digital technology. It’s about how people know the status of the machine, how people can easily manipulate a machine without lots of training and how this interaction can a be pleasure and enjoyment experience. I believe the term interaction design comes out in 1980s, as the succeed of Apple Lisa which adopts GUI and mouse, and then replaced by the new buzzword “User Experience” as the iPhone series reach a great hit on the market with its touchscreen interface. The coming out of new term doesn’t mean that interaction design is outdated, but the reason that the interaction design haven’t become a formal knowledge area. The border of interaction hasn’t been well defined. It borrows and merges many research procedures and methods from different field of study, for example the qualitative research method from sociology, the cognitive psychology, the concept of form follows function from industrial design and the information architecture from computer science…etc.

The Interaction design work on almost the same research area with the user experience design.

However, the interaction design

Interaction design is the effort to build a mask for faking computer into human being.

What’s not interaction?

As the definition of Chris Crawford, interaction

What makes for good physical interaction?

Are there works from others that you would say are good examples of digital technology that are not interactive?

1.Crawford, Chris. The Art of Interactive Design: A Euphonious and Illuminating Guide to Building Successful Software. No Starch Press. © 2003.

2.Author/Copyright holder: Thomas-pluralvonglas. Copyright terms and licence: CC BY-SA 3.0

Intro TO FAB -Flashlight (W1)

This is a simple normal flashlight with a weird but cute shape developed from its material which are all from shop and junk shelf. At first I pick up a L shape wood with one tiny hole one the extension L leg. Due to LED fits hole to this tiny hole, I decide make it the light source of this flash light. In the second phase, I drill one big hole and one small hole and for battery and wire. Unfortunately, I found that one battery cannot drive the LED I get from shop. To solve this problem, I found another wood piece from the junk and drill a hole to carry another battery. At last, I cut a piece of card board to cover some hole and wire as enclosure.

Finally. it works!!!







Take away,
1. never build a battery carrier by ourself
2. measurement and plan matters!

Application -Conversation Cultural Appropriation


Lionel Shriver on Cultural Appropriation

White Artist’s painting of Emmett Till…outrage

Ben Shapiro +Professor Arewa


Recipe-Fish Flavor Eggplant


Diced Scallion 30g, Diced Ginger 40g, Diced Garlic 40g, Eggplant 2, Grind Pork 300g


Chili Bean Sauce 3 tablespoon, Soy Bean Sauce 1 teaspoon, Rice Wine 2teaspoon, Sugar 1 teaspoon



1.Prepare ingredients: cut eggplant into 8cm section then cut into quarter, dice scallion, ginger and garlic.

2.Fry eggplant till its skin shows wrinkle. Then, pick it up for later use.(Notice: wipe water on it to prevent oil spray)

3.Sauté scallion, ginger and garlic until aromatic.

4.Stir fry scallion, ginger and garlic with Soy Bean Sauce, and then grind pork.

5.After the color of Chili Bean Sauce turns, add rest of seasoning.

6.At last, after the sauce is boiled, cook eggplant with sauce till it flavored enough and we are ready to eat~

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