Body In Motion week02 -Tracking Body

After calibrating the camera, first thing we have to do is put on tracking suit. A tracking suit consist of shoes cover, gloves, pant and jacket. There are some precautions for wearing this suit.


Tuck your jacket into pants.






The close must be totally tight to your body. If the close is too loose, the reflection spot will move and produce dirty data.







Then, we can start to stick the marker onto the dancer. We can open the create panel and select the skeleton tab on the right side of the window. There will be a 3D body figure reference about where should we put the markers.






The lower marker on the back must align to the mid point of higher marker.

Markers must be place right on the moving joint. And the tips of foot.


After locate the markers, the dancer have to do a T pose and we have to make sure Motive app is tracking total amounts of markers we put on it. After everything are done, we just click “create”.


Body In Motion week01

Sync Optitrack System with Unreal Engine
Calibrate Camera in Motive Application
-Mask or move out all the reflective objects in the studio with the map
-Click Calibration Panel on the right side and start wanding until every camera have 10k+ sample
-After wanding, click Calculate button and then Apply button the result.
-Put the ground plane on the floor pointing to the opposite of the screen, and click set the ground plane button in the ground tab.


Setup Rigid Body and Recording Motion Data
-Select the points of a rigid body and right click select “create rigid body”
-Click recording to record motion data or click live to streaming data

Sending Data to Unreal
-Find out the IP address of the PC in terminal which run Motive application
-Create the Optitrack-client in the Unreal, put it in the center of the scene and input the IP of the tracking PC

Add Motion Data to Move GameObject
-Create Optitrack objectset, set both this and the object we want to control as movable.
-Make Optitrack objectset as a parent object(set location of child object 0 in xyz)
-Select the tracking ID(starting from 1)

Click play in the Unreal Engine
Stream or play the motion data from the tracking PC


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