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Concept sentences of Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Short: Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a story about how a person seeking her other half.

Long: Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a story about how a person try to fix herself by seeking the missing part of her body and mind by fall in love with different men, transfer career, and moving from place to place.

Version of story: Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a story about  how a physical man with a woman self identity searching her missing other half part of mind, body and couple. She first fall in love with a man and do a sex transformation surgery support by this man and her mama. The surgery fails and the man goes away. She is already live in another country. Escape from restriction, but end up into a free but unfamiliar place. Then she fall in love with another man and become a rock star in broadway. People love her and think she is more glamorous than real woman. At last, she go away and fall in love with another man. However, this man goes away again. She is, in the end, still suffer from the public value at that time.

Elinor Fuchs Questions to Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

The play molded into a planet. What is seen?

Space: In Berlin, it should be a natural and poor suburb area which imply she born to be this and trapped in this place/body. In broadway, the place show be exaggeratingly shining and gorgeous, but in detail, this scene also shows some worn texture stand for what she has going through. In Tommy’s town, it should be a small old town with old glory. The stage is more shabby and old fashion.Time: The time goes normal at the first, and then, it become very fast in the broadway. At last, in the town, the time is very slow at first and gradually speed up as she and Tommy start to performance.

Climate: In the Berlin, it’s cold and dry. In broadway, it’s hot and humid from so much people in the same space. In the town, it a warm and cozy climate.

Mood: In the Berlin, the mood is anxiety, afraid with some hopes. In broadway, it’s crazy, dramatic open like eagerly trying to tell people I am the most charming one and with wounds in the heart. In the town, the wounds become scars and it’s a mood of new hope but also not as excited as before, when she is young and inexperienced, when she is not afraid at all.

Hidden spaces: The hidden space here is obviously, why she broke up with Yitzhak? He is the only one who didn’t go away. This may have some clue about what’s her other half. She make this choice but not be abandon. The other hidden space is if the miserable childhood result to her self identity or characteristic?

Music: From country rock to 80s pop rock or punk to queer music.

Social world: In Berlin, it’s a world of communist, people observate each other but rarely interact. In Broadway, it’s a one way relationship, from a star to her fans, audience and agent. In the town, it’s a more intimate relationship. Everyone knows each other, at least name.

Changes: The change follows the inner world of the main character’s moving, body and career.

Changes In Myself: I don’t really be changed after watching this script because I am a very straight man and never thought about the problem of personal identity. People may feel themself different or flaw in comparison to others, and so did I. However, I didn’t changed that much, because I change myself inward or I just easily fit to the general expect to a good boy.

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