Body In Motion week02 -Tracking Body

After calibrating the camera, first thing we have to do is put on tracking suit. A tracking suit consist of shoes cover, gloves, pant and jacket. There are some precautions for wearing this suit.


Tuck your jacket into pants.






The close must be totally tight to your body. If the close is too loose, the reflection spot will move and produce dirty data.







Then, we can start to stick the marker onto the dancer. We can open the create panel and select the skeleton tab on the right side of the window. There will be a 3D body figure reference about where should we put the markers.






The lower marker on the back must align to the mid point of higher marker.

Markers must be place right on the moving joint. And the tips of foot.


After locate the markers, the dancer have to do a T pose and we have to make sure Motive app is tracking total amounts of markers we put on it. After everything are done, we just click “create”.


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