Design For Live Performance Week02

The Lasso of Truth

Concept sentences of The Lasso of Truth

Short: Lasso of Truth is about the long way to egalitarian. (Lasso of Truth is about how a man can have two wife at the same time)

Long:Lasso of Truth is about how the inventor of wonder woman first experience then reverse the power in between two sex and inspire the descendants toward egalitarian. (Lasso of Truth is about how a men can get girls in this feminism world)

Version of story: Lasso of Truth is about how the inventor of wonder women, his wife and Amazon adjust their moral believe to accommodate their new type of relationship, and afterward inspire descendants to not just feminism but egalitarian.

Elinor Fuchs Questions to The Lasso of Truth.

The play molded into a planet. What is seen?
Space: a house, a comic book store, a place not in real world where is the source of truth with the machine
Time: time before the creation of wonder woman which time goes very fast. time in the comic book store, time goes very slow. time in front of machine, timeless
Climate: warm and humid weather that people my sweat. The weather in front of the machine is cold with clean air.

Mood: it a complicated mood, it’s annoyance wrapped with love. hope and experiment of the break through from the worries toward opinion moral society. it’s belief about what they value
Hidden spaces: I saw there’s a single direction love from Inventor to Amazon, although she said she do love him,too. Another hidden space is the sexuality Identity of the Guy. I’m not mean he is a gay, but he is different.

I hear ambient jazz music in the scene, it’s relax and exciting. I hear chant in front of the machine and then it being distorted

Social world: a world reflect what the machine values. a world inside this world is where these characters live. It’s just like a free space in Greek for people to talk about philosophy. Pure, controlled and experimental.

Changes: When they start to decide their future, who should leave? or stay? They Guy and the Girl are more dedicate and ambiguous on the change. Their position upon the truth flips a couple times and also offer a cue like “you got this point”

Changes In Myself: In a very long time, as a man, I continues feel hostilities from certain portion of feminist, although I did nothing wrong but keep my gentlemen behavior and they are all comes out from true goodwill. I’m also not understand how they ignore the nature difference between genders? However, as the progress of the play. I start to think and ask more questions I was not interested at all.

Theatrical mirrors: I’m not sure…don’t really watch many play before which can mirror to this

Cornell’s Box of The Lasso of Truth

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