Intro TO FAB -Motor (W6)

As a follower of Shiffman Rainbowism, I want to build a clock which emit rainbow as a pointer to show the time. Due to I already have a 180 degree servo, I decide to build my clock which shows 12 hr in a half circle. Here is my sketch.
Then, I cut these parts with laser cutter and use screw and standoff to assemble them. I also buy a wooden frame to make whole things looks batter.
Next step is to create and adjust the rainbow beam. I bought a prism from amazon.(no prism at canal plastic) and test how to make a rainbow beam. Sadly, I found there must be some distance to let the light beam expand into rainbow. Also, the direction and the power of light influence a lot.
At last, I fail to assemble the prism onto the clock, because it’s too heavy for card board to stand.
1. When experiment with materials or tools,  the time we need to reserve is 5 times, not 3.

2. After the whole semester, I’m more likely to know what kinds of materials I will use a lot and should keep in stock.

3. Stop imagine myself can perfectly plan and sketch. I should just start to make something and iteration. It’s also good to split one project into many parts of prototype to experiment.

Last but not least, Thanks you Ben for this semester 😀


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