Intro TO FAB -Two Material (W5)

For this week assignment, I build a foldable chair combine the material of aluminum and fabric.
    The first thing is to prepare the frame of the chair. I cut the aluminum perfectly with the round saw and try different drill bit to see which one can fit best with my skew.
Unfortunately, I broke my first drill bit in my life. Congrats man New life record achieved, I found that dealing with metal is so hard that the measurement have to be very precise and the control of drill motion must be done with very stable setting. An inaccurate hole on the metal could ruin the whole piece because its impossible to fix the mistake like what we do on other material such as wood. The unstable control break a drill bit so easily fo apply on such a hard material.
After All the material are prepared, I assemble these bars into the frame of the chair and at last sew the fabric on the frame.


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