Intro TO FAB -Lazer Cutter (W3)

This week I try to build a 3D illusion acrylic and it comes out many failures and experiences. My first try is to create a spatial sensitivity with following picture.

I burn the cardboard because the line is to dense. I found it’s hard to cut acrylic into a perfect straight line with the round saw, and I still need to practice the use of the sanding machine. I love it.

My first try is a failure. The spatial effect seems not good.

My second try is better, but still didn’t reach my expectation. I try to print a mount Fuji with its contour line.


My Third try is still in the planning phase, because there’s no more time slot for put this image into execution. This time I use the contour line gram of Taiwan. I expecting that when I stack up different layers of map it will display an 3D Taiwan in the acrylic cube. It takes lots of time to processing the image.


If I want to do roasting etch, should I fill the shape with color that I want to print in the illustrator file or only using black represent filling the shape in the machine setting?

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