ICM -Introduction and Drawing -Week 1

How Computation Applies To My Interests?

What I really care most about is how we can merge computation technology into more “place and events” in our life. Academically speaking, I want to take part in the carnival of ubiquitous computing. I want to experiment with new user interface combining much more than touch screen.

Source: Harvard Innovation Lab
It’s hard not to be excited by the computation technology living at this age. We witness how computer after effect live people’s imagination into real life, we experience how iPhone change almost everything in our life and not to mention how Facebook reform our society structure and the way people connect to each other. They are tons of chances that attract us to become not only a technology consumer, but a creator. For myself, it an advertising campaign called GUMPLAY in Japan.
GUMPLAY is mean to help kids forming the habit to brush teeth. The advertising agency gamify the dull routine action of brushing teeth into a battle toward germs in the mouth with a little gadget made up of sensors attached on the toothbrush. This project demonstrate the capability of computation technology to endues virtual meaning toward real life and provokes my initial interest toward this field.
But computation means a lots more than that. Computation combined with internet provides possibilities of automation, virtualization and decentralization. On these basis, we build countless parallel spaces and even teach robots being a human. I hope I won’t miss this journey of future history and I hope I can hands on and get dirty to realize those envision. That’s me interest toward computation and the reason why I’m here at ITP.


Source Code:


Setting up the development environment.
Why program?  What is program?
High-level programming language / Low-level
Client-side / Server-side
Java / Processing
C++ / OpenFramework
Javascript / P5.js
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