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Recipe-Fish Flavor Eggplant


Diced Scallion 30g, Diced Ginger 40g, Diced Garlic 40g, Eggplant 2, Grind Pork 300g


Chili Bean Sauce 3 tablespoon, Soy Bean Sauce 1 teaspoon, Rice Wine 2teaspoon, Sugar 1 teaspoon



1.Prepare ingredients: cut eggplant into 8cm section then cut into quarter, dice scallion, ginger and garlic.

2.Fry eggplant till its skin shows wrinkle. Then, pick it up for later use.(Notice: wipe water on it to prevent oil spray)

3.Sauté scallion, ginger and garlic until aromatic.

4.Stir fry scallion, ginger and garlic with Soy Bean Sauce, and then grind pork.

5.After the color of Chili Bean Sauce turns, add rest of seasoning.

6.At last, after the sauce is boiled, cook eggplant with sauce till it flavored enough and we are ready to eat~

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